[April Adventures] Picnic Meals



Get ready for some [April adventures] with our delicious and effortless finger food! Enjoy UNLIMEAT tuna kimbap and dumplings, perfect for a day out in the sun. Easy to pack and even easier to devour, these meals will add some extra fun to your outdoor excursions.

  • 3 UNLIMEAT Beef Mandu Hot Chili & 5 UNLIMEAT Tuna Kimbap
  • Korean-style dumplings and rice rolls

Product information

PAN FRY: Saute 7 mins in an oil-coated skillet until golden brown.
AIR FRY: For an easier option, air-fry at 360°F for 12 minutes after coating the Mandu with oil. Stir occassioally.

MICROWAVE: Heat on high (1,000w) for 2:30 min and allow it to rest for 1 min. Cook from frozen. Can be enjoyed hot or cold once heated from frozen.

Mandu: 14.8oz / Kimbap: 7.8oz (per pack)